from the C.V. Kane rest area along California I-15 in Barstow

10.02.12 ♥ 3

for some reason I have this obsession for newsstands… maybe because I don’t read that much news or have never even read them for almost all my life.

09.28.12 ♥ 4

this phone is past the best days, a common scene these days. :(

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Sept. 21 iPhone 5 hype, queuing up as early as 6am? 

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sunset at Redondo Beach

09.24.12 ♥ 3

Redondo Beach shores

01.06.12 ♥ 13

Los Angeles Union station

01.05.12 ♥ 3

Redondo Beach Pier

01.04.12 ♥ 39

Sundown somewhere in L.A. suburb, outside and In n Out burger store. 

01.02.12 ♥ 1

Showing the tree that was on the making at the time this was shot by the Nokia Theater courtyard, fronting Staples Center along Grand Ave.

Location: downtown L.A.

12.30.11 ♥ 0

One day you will look back and thank every step of your journey with eyes moist with gratitude. So why not be grateful now, why not thank now? That one day can be today, can be now.

Location: Vantage Pointe, Fullerton

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Whatever happened today, just say, “Thank you!”. These words instantly shift your stressful thoughts toward the event. For best results say thank you with a smile. Thank you 😁

12.26.11 ♥ 2

Happy Holidays from L.A.

12.25.11 ♥ 0

Inspiration Point is not actually a mountain, itself… it is part of Blue Ridge. At 7,386’ in elevation, Inspiration Point rests in a small saddle on Blue Ridge, where Highway 2 crosses from the north side of the mountain, down into the Vincent Gulch side.

See previous posts for more info.

12.23.11 ♥ 3

Mt. Balden Powell as seen at Inspiration Point. It is the highest peak in San Gabriel Mountains with an elevation of 9,399 feet. It makes for a good trail for those who are fond and not afraid of heights. It is said that at the top of the summit is a plaque and monument erected in 1957 by the Boy Scouts of America in honor of British Army Officer and founder of the Boy Scouts movement, Lord Balden-Powell, for whom the mountain was named. Before in 1931, the mountain was known as “North Baldy”.

Inspiration Point is still a part of the Los Angeles county. It is where the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) crosses Highway 2.

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